City of Fresno Retirement Systems Awards Marvell French for 20 Years of Service

Marvell French, Executive Vice President, Market President at Premier Valley Bank, has been awarded a plaque from the City of Fresno Retirement Systems to recognize and appreciate her 20 years of distinguished and dedicated service. She is the longest-standing member of the organization's Board of Trustees, which oversees the police, fire and city employees for the City of Fresno Retirement System.

The Fire and Police Retirement System provides lifetime retirement, disability and death benefits to all full-time sworn safety members employed by the City of Fresno. The Retirement Board is also responsible for the prudent investment of member and employer contributions and for defraying reasonable administration expenses. The Employees Retirement System is responsible for establishing policies governing the retirement plan's administration, making benefit determinations and managing the System's assets' investment. The City Retirement System currently has retirement funds of $3.2B, and the Board of Trustees is proud to say the System is at approximately 110% funding.

Marvell has a 48-year banking career, with almost 20 years at Premier Valley Bank. She is very involved in the community and serves on several local boards, including those listed below. We are proud to have Marvell on our team!

  • Member of City of Fresno Retirement Systems' Board of Trustees since 1999
  • President of cCare (Cancer Care Associates) Connects Foundation for all of California (the largest Oncology Center in California)
  • Honorary Advisor on the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Board of Directors since 2000 (former President for six years)
  • Member of the Fresno Christian School Board and Foundation's Board of Directors, which includes the Annual Auction, since 2006
  • Founding Board of Director/Community Outreach for CBWC since its inception in 2011
  • Premier Valley Bank Founding Sponsor for the Healing Hearts/Fresno Rescue Mission/Police Chaplaincy Annual Golf Tournament since 2006
  • Member of Care Fresno's Board of Directors

Premier Valley Bank is also involved with countless nonprofit and community organizations to enhance the communities where we live and work. This past April, Premier Valley Bank donated $100,000 to support local community initiatives related to the COVID-19 crisis. This donation was part of a $1.2 million contribution to local COVID-19 relief programs by Heartland Financial USA, Inc.'s family of community banks across 12 states.

News City of Fresno Retirement Systems Awards Marvell French for 20 Years of Service