Internet Explorer Support

Premier Valley Bank no longer supports Internet Explorer as an accepted browser for Online Banking. Beginning on April 7, 2020, users will no longer be able to access the system with Internet Explorer.


It's About Protection.

Premier Valley Bank takes security very seriously. We want to continue earning your trust, and this means doing everything we can to keep you and your account safe. Our decision to discontinue support for Internet Explorer is rooted in our concern for your security — a concern based in part by the recommendations of Internet Explorer’s developer, Microsoft:

  • Microsoft has expressed that Internet Explorer is no longer suitable for browsing the web. They recommend it only be used for internal tools, such as legacy apps that are not updatable.
  • Microsoft no longer ships new operating systems with Internet Explorer. From Windows 10 forward, their default browser is Edge — an “evergreen” browser that will not require users to initiate updates.

To provide you with a secure experience, we’re following Microsoft’s recommendations and moving forward with plans to end support for Internet Explorer. Of course, you will be able to use Internet Explorer for browsing other sites and using other applications, but to access Online Banking you’ll need to use a modern, supported browser — such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.

Click to download Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari. Be sure to download the latest version of the browser you choose. For more convenient access on the go, download the Premier Valley Bank mobile app and start managing your online banking from the palm of your hand.


Hard-block Notification
Finally, this full-page notification will display after you log in. This stops you from accessing Online Banking with an unsupported browser, and you will be required to access Online Banking using a compatible browser.


  1. If Windows 10 fully supports Internet Explorer, why is support being dropped?
    It is true that Windows 10 shipped with Internet Explorer, but it also shipped with Edge. Microsoft has recommended users migrate off Internet Explorer in favor of Edge as it is safer, faster and backwards compatible (in Enterprise Mode). As we move forward, we seek to stay in line with Microsoft’s stated recommendations.
  2. Do I have to un-install Internet Explorer?
    No. While we do recommend you utilize a modern browser, we also understand that some applications still require the use of Internet Explorer. In this case, we recommend utilizing Internet Explorer only for those applications and using the newer browser to surf the web or access online banking. (Edge supports a feature called Enterprise Mode that enables this easily).

    Windows users needing to utilize Internet Explorer for older applications can easily create desktop (or other location saved) shortcuts that open specific web-pages in Internet Explorer.
  3. We don't have the access required to switch our browsers. What if our IT department only allows Internet Explorer browser to be used?
    We are not forcing anyone to uninstall Internet Explorer. You can continue to utilize it for other applications. To access Online Banking, you will need to open a new browser window in a supported browser. For many business banking users, this is a simple step, as many users are already using multiple browsers and applications daily.

    Alternatively, from Edge you can use a feature called Enterprise Mode, which does not allow specific web addresses (web applications) to open in Internet Explorer when accessed from Edge.
  4. Why do you recommend Chrome over Firefox or Edge?
    Google Chrome is a more modern and secure browser. It's built on a new framework and is updated on a more frequent basis. Microsoft Edge is even moving its backend framework to utilize Chrome’s. Firefox is also a solid browsing solution with similar updates and security features. Our development teams tend to work mostly on Google Chrome which is why it's our browser of choice.
  5. Why doesn’t Premier Valley Bank support older browsers like Internet Explorer?
    Software makers release new versions of their browsers and stop updating the old ones. These older versions gradually lose compatibility with current technology. Support for older browsers are dropped in order to incorporate the newest, best and safest technology for your financial security.
  6. Will I need to enter a new Secure Access Code to access online banking?
    Yes, the first time you access Online Banking via a new browser, you will be required to re-confirm your identity via a Secure Access Code.