Equipment Leasing

At Premier Valley Bank, we understand that for your company to improve growth and profitability, it needs high quality equipment purchased via competitive payment programs. That is why we partner with Beacon Funding Corporation , which offers the Equipment Leasing opportunities to help you make G reat Things Happen!™

When you lease business equipment through Premier Valley Bank, you will receive the following benefits:


Maintaining an ample checking account should be a top priority for any company—the number one reason small businesses fail is lack of liquidity. With us, you will have the ability to conserve cash for the times you need it most.


We are all about making it simple for you. Complete our one-page Business Credit Application, return it to us with your equipment quote and we will respond promptly.

Quick Turnaround

Upon receiving your credit application and equipment quote, you can expect a response within 24-48 hours.

100% Financing

Acquire the equipment you need without a major cash outlay.

Tax Advantages

The programs we provide offer tax advantages unavailable when purchasing with cash or a traditional bank loan. IRS Section 179 may permit your business to write-off hundreds of thousands of dollars in leased equipment.

Start-Up Leasing

Oftentimes, unless a business has more than two full years of operation, traditional institutions will not consider leasing. If you are a new business owner, we may be your best and most competitive option for acquiring the equipment you need to succeed.

Establish Credit

Take the chance to establish credit, resulting in an easier approval when applying for your next equipment purchase.

Conserve Bank Lines

Save bank borrowing options to support ongoing cash flow needs.

Avoid Capital Budget Restrictions

Our programs provide the perfect tools to acquire equipment today without being subject to this year’s capital budget restrictions.

Off-Balance Sheet Financing

An operating lease allows you to acquire new equipment without further leveraging your company’s balance sheet.