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Optimize liquidity and maintain flexibility

We understand the financial demands of businesses with a high level of activity. Put your cash reserves to work with strategies that optimize your cash flow. We can help you determine which accounts will best fit your business’s everyday needs, whether your company is new, growing or established.

  • Checking

    As the financial tool your company uses most, your deposit and operating accounts should optimize your liquidity and allow your business to remain flexible. Whether you’re just kick-starting your business or your business is more established, our commercial bankers can help you identify which checking and savings solutions will work best for you.

    Commercial Analysis Checking:

    Your business may be complex, but your banking doesn’t have to be. Simplify your business finances with a checking account that is equipped to handle high transaction volume and seamlessly integrates Treasury Management solutions to streamline your payables and receivables.

    Business Checking:

    With all the essentials you need to run your business, this affordable account offers the flexibility to optimize your cash flow.

    Commercial Interest Checking:

    Maintain liquidity while earning interest on your checking account balance. This account is built to tackle high transaction volumes and the most complex banking needs.

    Business Interest Checking:

    Commercial Checking:

    Earn interest on your checking account balance and take advantage of our suite of cash management services to streamline your daily operations. This account offers earnings credit to offset account related fees and service charges.



      Commercial Analysis Checking Business Checking Commercial Interest Checking
    Business Interest Checking
    Commercial Checking
    Which account is right for your business? Built for businesses with an operating need for multiple accounts and grouped account analysis. Ideal for growing businesses that need easy day-to-day financial management Designed to support large Commercial Organizations with high transaction volume and complex banking needs Developed for larger businesses with high transaction volumes and a need for treasury management solutions
    Access to treasury management solutions
    Earnings credit
    Earn interest


  • Savings

    Grow and protect your assets with saving solutions that allow you to remain flexible while you achieve your goals. To nurture the growth of your business, our commercial bankers can help you determine which saving solution will best serve you.

    Business Savings:

    With a low minimum balance requirement, this savings account makes it easy to tuck away funds for those unexpected expenses.

    Business High-Yield Savings:

    Put your money to work with a savings account that pays more as your balance grows.

    Business Money Market:

    Looking for an account that earns interest, has a low minimum balance requirement, and allows your funds to remain liquid? We’ve got you covered!

    Business Premium Money Market:

    Designed to make larger balances work harder for you while maintaining liquidity.



      Business Savings1 Business High-Yield Savings1 Business Money Market1 Business Premium Money Market1
    Overview Start building and earning interest on your cash reserves Earn more on higher balances Maximize earnings while keeping funds liquid The higher your balance, the better your return
    Minimum balance to avoid the monthly maintenance fee $100 daily balance $25,000 daily balance $1,000 daily balance $25,000 daily balance
    Monthly Maintenance Fee $5 $10 $10 $15
    Minimum opening deposit $100 $25,000 $1,000 $25,000

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