Payment & Disbursements

We provide a comprehensive suite of disbursement solutions that allow you to maintain maximum control of your transactions, whether they are electronic, traditional or both. Our digital online payment system enables you to send and receive electronic payments and detailed remittance data, and helps ease the challenge of migrating from paper to electronic processing.

Automated Clearinghouse (ACH)

The ACH Network quickly and securely moves transactions and financial information between banks, businesses and consumers within one business day through the Federal Reserve System.

Checking and Savings Services

A variety of flexible checking and savings accounts are available to meet a wide range of needs, all while providing the personalized services and conveniences that make your business more efficient.

Wire Transfer

Our Wire Transfer Service provides speed, security, accuracy and same-day settlement, even for incoming and outgoing U.S. and foreign transfers. Users can initiate wires online or are provided a confidential PIN to ensure only authorized funds are wired; and you are notified when funds are available after incoming wire transfers.

Stop Payments

By logging in, InBusiness Online Banking customers can place a stop payment on checks written from their account in a matter of minutes.